PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,
cheetahmaster has a video of their clip from last night's news, about how we are "losing control in Iraq" and the info isn't being broadcasted over here. How there are no less than five to ten cities where violence erupts daily, and a list is circulated daily of roads and places that are unsafe for foreign workers, etc. Check out the story if you can.

Bush quietly pushes through new CDC guidelines - teaching abstinence as the only way to prevent AIDS. (Courtesy Mistress Sassy.)

BBC analysis: will the Najaf strategy work?

The Washington Post looks back at why it didn't question the prewar intelligence more.

* "The Department of Homeland Security said on Tuesday that it planned to give border patrol agents sweeping new powers to deport illegal aliens from the frontiers with Mexico and Canada without providing them the opportunity to make their case before an immigration judge."
* Dahlia Lithwick takes on Bush's 'free-speech zones.'
* Putin's war against big oil is a powerful tool for the Kremlin.
* Nicholas Kristof with scary talk about 'an American Hiroshima.'
* Ted Rall, on 'America's last war.'
* Chalabi, the big liability.
* David Broder on the Democrats' turncoat.
* Nader, not feeling unpopular enough, decides to piss off the ADL.
* Military medics in the field redesign their body armor - and the innovation is saving lives.
* Socialite dolphins keep pods together.
* Toys R Us may, uh, stop selling toys. Thanks Wal-mart!
* New poet laureate to be named.

Mary Ellen Slayter discusses the place of politics in workplace discussion.

Coincidentally, the BBC looks at revenge in the workplace.

T. Rex, the 'James Dean of dinosaurs.'

Can gene therapy give us fewer lazy monkeys?

Hollywood readies to bring us movies about the Crusades.

The search for a new Superman movie.
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