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"We have every intention of putting out a comic book of Serenity as well. We're talking to Darkhorse right now of doing Serenity comics, because of Fray and all that we've done with that."
-Joss Whedon, Comic-Con [Some spoiler info there about the movie, not much. Includes what all the actors are planning to do next.]

Comic-Con panel on the Sin City movie. Sounds like Rodriguez is shooting for faithful to the comics.

Parts of a new zombie movie to be filmed... at Chernobyl.

It's official. Bryan Singer is off the list for X-men 3.

Harvey Weinstein looks to leave Disney.

Toronto writer Andrew Kaufman reviews a couple books about the mythology of superheroes in our culture.


Finally, this excerpt from a Comic-Con writeup...
It was very appropriate that the first question of the day was addressed to [Sarah Michelle Gellar] regarding why she had never attended a Comic-Con convention before.

"You know, it's an interesting question," she replied, "and I figured I'd be asked that so last night I wrote a list. I figured I would give you a sort of David Letterman style, the top 10 reasons why I've never been here:

* Picture it, first season of "Buffy" I'm asked to come and then I said, 'You know what? I'm still holding out for the last of the Image guys to return to Marvel.' I mean think about it, does Todd McFarlane really have anything else to do?
* Next year, totally ready to come. Two words: Phantom Zone.
* Another reason was that I never had a ride before. So if anyone is going back to Los Angeles and has an extra seat for me tonight, just let me know.
* Next year, I was coming and then I missed it because I was sitting at home still trying to make sense of the Spider-Man clone story.
* Next year, totally ready to come. And then after Dark Knight Strikes Again, I swore I am done with comics.
* Next year, I said I was going to come and then, I'm gonna wait for the next real issue of Ben Edlund's Tick comic. And I'm still waiting.
* Next year I thought, you know what, I'm going to hold out for a rematch in the Peter David/Todd McFarlane debate.
* I was going to come but then I thought you know what, I am already married to the world's biggest comic geek so why do I need to come to San Diego for?
* And the number one reason why I've never been here: There just is not enough merchandise with my damn face on it. And there you have it."

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