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Spy Kids 2: is a lot of fun. Very much in line with the first one. Rodriguez has a blast making these movies, and it really comes across in the film. Nifty guest stars too, with Shooter McGavin, and Mike Judge (!) (And for those few of you who have seen it, the creepiest existential line in a movie all summer.)

We also got trailers for Harry Potter 2, which is looking only better, and Shaolin Soccer which is a film I really want to see, but now I don't have to order it from overseas!

I'm painting up a storm, to see if I can make the Epitome of Evil (part 2) in Glen Burnie this Sunday. Of course, if my parents don't get back to me about Saturday (Nana-watching) then everything is up in the air.

Oh, Summerslam PPV was good, Book Club was good also, despite my lack of enjoyment of the book itself. Maybe more on these two later. Wrestling is on the cusp of getting out of its downturn, but they aren't quite there yet.

And damn SomethingAwful for showing me the link to CrimsonLand, the best game ever invented.

YOU LOVE NEWS: And Howard Kurtz has everything you need. So, let me get this straight. The American people don't want to go to war with Iraq. Other countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East don't want us to go to war with Iraq. Why, exactly, does the president keep pressing this?

"GOP stalwarts such as Brent Scowcroft - the national-security adviser to Bush's father - fear a unilateral rush into pre-emptive war in Iraq that could undercut worldwide support for the war on terror and cast America as an aggressor nation for the first time in its history. They complain that the GOP's old policy of moderate 'internationalism' has been trashed by an influential cabal of superhawks who are a little too eager to assert America's vast power, unconcerned by the qualms of its longtime allies." -Newsweek, thanks to Kurtz

"Let's take a head count: Powell, Scowcroft, Schwarzkopf, Baker . . . when will the parade of Poppy's surrogates end? The public scolding of Dubya by his dad's men is looking more and more like an episode of 'Father Knows Best.' It could get even worse, should ol' Bar decide to wade in and grab Junior by the ear. But Bush's legal advisers are telling him he can plunge into full-scale war without allies, without the United Nations - and without so much as a nod from Congress. That's one more page of the Constitution in the shredder." -Salon, also via Kurtz

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