PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The White House's failure to make it clear that the dramatic terrorism alert Sunday was based largely on information that predated the Sept. 11 attacks is a case study in the difficulty of managing such warnings for an administration whose credibility is a central issue in a difficult presidential campaign.

Related NYTimes analysis on war, peace, and politics.

Welcome to Fortress DC.

BBC Q&A on "the world's worst humanitarian crisis": the Darfur region of Sudan.

How low are wages at Wal-Mart? Enough to cost one state $86 million. (Courtesy Dona Quixote.)

* Two billion? And they say war isn't about money.
* Jim Hoagland looks at 'the Saudi initiative.'
* Bob the Angry Flower asks: who's supporting Bush?
* Nicholas Kristof on virgins, grapes, and Islamic fundamentalism.
* AOL sells off Moviefone.
* How one bill will save professional sports team owners millions of dollars.
* Spacecraft to Mercury launched. Time to get with the program, Pluto.
* The inventors' question continues, looking for a way to walk on water.
* Rebuilding Afghanistan with... polystyrene.
* Smarty Jones retires, the victim of chronic bruising.
* Fahrenheit 9/11 opens to a different reaction in Beirut.

Listening to the sounds of galaxies.

The NYTimes looks at the design of the new Batmobile.

A day in the life of Joe Republican. (Courtesy marag.)
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