PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

In a fit of laziness last night, Red Queen and I watched Monkeybone on cable. It's quite a film. Parts are really funny, but I'm not sure they make up for the loooong slow start, or the unfunny parts later. However, LOTS of great small parts and cameos (Dave Foley, Thomas Haden Church, Edgar Allen Poe IV, Stephen King) make it vaguely worthwhile. What *really* makes it worthwhile is Brendan Fraser serenading someone with a lovely version of "Brickhouse." And I can now say I have seen two movies that waste the acting talent of Rose McGowan.

Then we watched the second half of Moulin Rouge which was well worth it, as always.

Best Washington Post headline: 'King of Porn' Empties Out His Castle

Also thanks to Operative X for another awesome review from Pitchfork.

"The Justice Department has only arrested one person in connection with Sept. 11 but has eroded the entire nation's civil rights in an attempt to smoke them out."

Hey, VH1's 'Behind the Music' turns 5.

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