PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

1.) My right arm, right leg, and back are very sore today. In general, from helping JubJub move yesterday (which would be a total comedy of errors, if it were funnier.) In specific, probably from helping push a van uphill (it was only one of a series of unfortunate events.) Nevertheless, some headway was made.

2.) C2, the new carb-free Coke, tastes a lot like, uh, well extra-fizzy Coke. I had to try it (curiosity, cat, etc.) and can now officially say 'ehn.'

3.) Friday was a delightful soiree for Dona Quixote's birthday. After dinner at a Thai restaurant in Columbia, we dropped off tze bebe and went back to her apartment to watch The Legend of Billie Jean. Which was even a little goofier than I remembered. Velvet, DQ, and I had a brief discussion comparing the message to Natural Born Killers (and it almost works, I tell you.)

4.) Book Club for next month is Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer. The meeting is Monday, Aug. 30th at my place, guests are always welcome.

5.) You are number five. Who is number two?

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