PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Great: administration backs off from nuclear treaty, because they don't like the inspections.

* Bush makes a number of recess appointments.
* The deaths of foreign workers in Iraq is often overlooked.
* The Vatican addresses "radical feminism."
* Report shows female rabbis are paid less than their male counterparts.
* Boston was the first political convention where bloggers got press credentials.
* That's a tiny submarine.
* Evidence of a large brewery from ancient Peru.
* Former executive charged with spying on his former employers at FX. Because if there's one thing you wanna stay on top of, it's the thrill-a-minute developments at FX.
* Special effects are getting subtle, as in King Arthur. [And in case I hadn't mentioned it before, there's a great short behind-the-scenes look about this on the Once Upon a Time in Mexico DVD.]
* Whip out your tunic for the 'true Olympics' in Greece.

Learning the lingo of trashmen.

A review of Penn's new book, by, uh, Teller.

Roller derby makes a cult comeback.

Joel Achenbach remembers Crick.

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