PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"So here in one word is my new counterterrorism strategy for Kerry: feminism." -Barbara Ehrenreich

Nope, not joking: woman arrested for chewing on the Metro.

* Protesters avoid the 'free speech zone' in Boston. (Courtesy Iceman.)
* Why are Colombian drug warlords visiting Congress?
* IMF admits its policies cripped Argentina.
* McCain uncovers corruption in the Air Force and Boeing.
* Senator Byrd takes on Bush. (Courtesy summer_queen, who needs a new nickname since I've officially lost the old one.)
* Oddly enough, Florida is still screwing up elections in a bad way.
* Bob Herbert discusses the administration's 'war on our cities.'
* More global warming: the Maldives may be underwater within a century.
* NBC picks up anti-death penalty documentary straight out of Sundance.
* Guerrilla drive-ins in Santa Cruz.
* The Straight Dope looks at the origin of the Tooth Fairy.

Nobel-winning scientist Crick, one of the 'fathers of DNA,' passes away.

TVGuide reports from Comic-Con. Good stuff here, including mentioning MirrorMask and The New Warriors.

M. Night Shyamalan: talent or hack? (Courtesy Regent.)
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