PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,


So, the eye doctor went well. OK, I had to kill time, because I showed up right after he went to lunch, but it was smooth sailing after that. Got a couple interesting frames I don't think I will be terribly unhappy with. And props to RQ for suggesting I go today, as Sterling said the glasses could take about a week (and I've heard tell of worse.) But a week would be the day before my trip.

The less exciting part: apparently, my eyesight has 'deteriorated drastically.' To the point that the eye doc recommends using my old glasses for computer work and heavy reading, since the new prescription will be much more powerful, and I am much more nearsighted than farsighted. He thinks it'll help things from getting 'even worse.' This isn't a huge surprise, most of my hobbies (reading, writing, watching movies, computer, painting) involve eye strain. But, I'm not sure I like terminology like that. I do like being able to read road signs well, though.
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