PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Ask, and ye shall receive: a story on the popularity of My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Dinner at the super-tasty Pasta Plus with the older sister and her fiancee last night, he's healing up well. Discussed family things, including pending visit by the younger sister in early September. I learned all about how Amtgard works, etc.

Sunday, PPV. Monday, Book Club, and a doctor's appointment for RQ.

Someone, help me figure out the best way to mock

HOW TO FIX AMERICA: Hasbro restores 'Kung-Fu grip'

MORE NEWS YOU LOVE: The PTC weighs in on Buffy and Smallville. An interesting analysis of Bush's new wildfire solution. Having problems convincing the US people of a casus belli in Iraq? Time to compare Saddam to Hitler. Meanwhile, Bush backs out on promises, as global politics fight dirty over steel. Argentina felt the US understood 'Junta' tactics. Finally, Gregg Dobbs notes we could lose in Iraq.

Fortune Cookie: "The only rose without a thorn is friendship."

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