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So. Why did the administration ask the head Archivist to resign last December?

Number of prisoners in the US hits all-time high. (Courtesy Iceman and the BBC.)

A US Muslim woman stands up for equal rights in the mosque.

* Doctors Without Borders withdraw from Afghanistan. You remember, that other country we occupied. Apparently it's less safe now than it was for the 20+ years before the war.
* Looking to define the war on terrorism.
* Powell meets with a diverse group of Egyptians, asking for reform.
* New Virginia law spurs gays to further activism.
* Military taps IBM to build a new super-duper-computer.
* Worldwide effort underway to monitor the environment - all of it.
* Watching Greenland's glaciers melt.
* What about an 'ark' to save the DNA of endangered species?
* Do squirrels have an ultrasonic call?
* Tiny moon is no space station. (Courtesy Norton.)
* Scientists solve the mystery of the oceanic blobs.
* The last muckraker retires.
* Michael Moore shows his movie near Bush's ranch, deep in the heart of Texas.
* Blockbuster fights for its life.

New mysteries lie beneath Pompeii.

Little-known comic book heroes can be movie hits.

OK. I admit. This spoiler from Sky Captain kind of makes me want to see the movie a little more.

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