PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Grant Morrison is returning to the Justice League, writing the first arc of a new title, JLA: Classified, it was announced by editor Mike Carlin Thursday at the JLA/JSA panel at Comic-Con International.

While JLA will have a new regular team of Kurt Busiek and Ron Garney, JLA: Classified with feature the rotating teams that JLA has had for the past two years.

"This will be set in any era the writer wants," Carlin said. "This is the place where you can do your JLA Satellite era story. We'll be covering all the bases and hopefully we'll be picking top guys."

* "December will see JSA/JSA as the team of today is paired with the team of yesterday. Alex Ross is providing covers."
* "The new Conan the Barbarian live-action movie is being targeted for a 2006 release."

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