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two quizzes

How You Live Your Super Life by wdalphin
What is your superhero name?
Your background is:You're the offspring of magical creatures
Your super power is:Berzerker Rage
Your weakness is:You have amnesia
Your sidekick is:rachelroo
Your nemesis is:ect
Wanted for the following crime:World conquest
Your epic battle will take place:In the deep recesses of your mind
How many die getting in the way:380,527
Who wins:You win, but your sidekick stops you from killing
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Will anyone laugh when you die?
Favourite Color
You will die from a heart attack when you see your next-door neighbor in a low-budget porno on the Adult Entertainment Channel.
You will return to the earth as a demon and possess the body of Ozzy Osbourne--as if anyone would notice anyway...
Your obituary will be written by members of your cult following and will constantly refer to you as "Supreme Grandmaster of Squirrelly Goodness."
Will anyone miss you? Your next-door neighbor will notice a funny smell coming out of your house after you've been dead for a while, if that's what you mean...
Most importantly, will anyone laugh because you died? Nervously. No one can quite believe that you will stay away for long...
This QuickKwiz by opre_roma - Taken 2325 Times.
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