PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Road to Perdition was a bit slow, yes. The acting and characters and plot were decent, as were the visuals. The pacing was just off, though, maybe something with the editing of the scenes as well. it didn't *flow,* y'see. Anyways.

The website that's been stealing all my time these days? Exit Mundi goes through various end of the world scenarios, from scientific to religious. A treat well worth reading. I'm a big fan of 'Nemesis' myself. The one on 'Aliens' is also a treat.

Tonight, some hanging out with friends at the Colombia Group House (does this one have a name yet?) The girls will be knitting and crafting, the boys will be playing war games (WHFB, in particular.) Strange how these gender roles sneak up on you.

Oh, and I just put up another big update to my Quotes Page.

"One night I was watching the show, and I realized there were eight people screaming at each other, a chorus baying for blood, and I thought - that's opera." -Richard Thomas, lyricist for Jerry Springer: The Opera

YOU LOVE NEWS: First up in the 'Well, duh' department, the census uncovers more commuters driving alone. And remember, it's OK to oppose democracy if you're friends with the US. Boeing takes the lead in the airborne laser department. Dingo's radio favorites, Opie and Anthony, may be off the air for good this time. And a quick opinion piece on Cheney's powerful vice-presedential influence.

Fortune Cookie: "Slow and steady wins the race."
Quote: "If there's one thing I won't ever get get tired of... it's running through walls." -Rhino, Spider-man: Tangled Web

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