PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Catching up...

Thursday, Velvet and I snuck out for a fine s00shi dinner at the Mandarin Delight. I like nothing more than excellent conversation with close friends, and it's something I've been lacking recently. Some planning creativity ensued, and we ended up at the Hollywood Video down Route One. I don't think I will ever go back to the Blockbuster in Laurel. Extra ten minute drive, for a ten times better video rental place.

We ended up with Elephant, which was good, per se, but as one reviewer online put it 'a tour-de-force of perambulation.' I liked what the director did, but it kinda took him a while to do it.

Saturday evening was a relaxing dinner with the family at the Macaroni Grill in Annapolis, of all places. Aunt was in town, turns out uncle's cancer is cleared up, good news there.

You know, Stargate: Atlantis is pretty good, all things considered.

New trailers from before Friday's movie:
* Blade: Trinity - Oh, I can't wait. Plus: Parker Posey!
* National Lampoon's Gold Diggers - Whoever decided to resurrect the National Lampoon movies needs to get fired by whoever gives them money. This looks terrible.
* Exorcist: the Beginning - Still not buying it, sorry guys. Even Stellen Skarsgard and Ben Cross can't tempt me in. More reasons not to see it here.
* Meet the Fockers - A-nope. Dustin Hoffman might've been funny in some other movie, though.
* A Dirty Shame - One day, America will wage war on Jon Waters, and defeat him once and for all. But until then, his reign of terror continues. (But, impressive cast.) (Er, except for the Tracey Ullman part.) A lot of the audience was crying, but, you know, that's expected when a movie features a part called "Shelf Humping Sex Addict". Waters deserves a Nobel Prize, or a war crimes tribunal, or maybe both.

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