PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

White House News

You see, when this administration has bad news to announce, they almost always do it Friday afternoon. This is because fewer people keep up with the news Friday night and Saturday, and by the time Sunday rolls around they have all their talking heads lined up for Meet the Press and the like. It's so goofy.

This Friday's sneak press release: OK, the Pentagon messed up again, they *didn't* accidentally destroy Bush's National Guard records, and said records don't actually show him showing up for duty for the time in question.

(Side note: have I mentioned the BBC is the champion of the unintentionally sarcastic airquote?)

Other news slipped in there: "The Air Force spent $2.6 billion to buy 50 transport planes that do not meet the military's requirements, preventing squadrons based in six states from being fully prepared for their missions in the Middle East and elsewhere, the office of the Defense Department's inspector general disclosed yesterday."

While we're at it, an excerpt from a recent White House Press Briefing, courtesy Iceman. Helen Thomas rules. She's a little crazy, but that's OK.
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