PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

If you were amused at the trailers for Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, then you'll definitely love the film. And I was, and I did.

So, after yesterday's confusion, and thanks to a post by McShifty, we were able to find a showing of the sneak preview (the movie isn't officially out until next week) at Muvico. We show up an hour early, expecting long lines. And, uh, we are able to walk right in to the theater. Seems the way they had the schedule set up, there was just a big gap, so they were letting people in whenever. And RQ and I were the third and fourth people there.

It ended up being a sold-out show, not surprisingly, so I am glad we got there that early. And let me tell you, the wait would have been unbearable, but the crowd was cracking me up. Seriously. They were nuts.

I also made sure to call McShifty right before the movie, to rub it in that we got to see it a full forty minutes before him. Zing!

Right, the movie. I loved it. Every bit as good as its predecessor. When the cheetah scene showed up, I honestly thought I was going to get light-headed from laughing. And brilliant cameos, as well. Everything I was expecting, and then some (Wilson Phillips!) Hee, Neil Patrick Harris. A definite winner.

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