PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"George Bush's lack of a second-term blueprint has finally made it to the front page of The Washington Post. Which kind of makes you wonder: Where has this issue been until now?

"It's a testament, really, to the media's general lack of interest in policy issues. Swing states, veepstakes, polls, potshots, F-word, attack ads, good hair, dumping Cheney -- we're all over it. But the fact that the president of the United States hasn't spelled out what he would do over the next four years -- hey, we can't cover everything, right?"
-Howard Kurtz

Also, Nader's getting some extra help... from the GOP.

Paul Krugman has his own Manchurian candidate.

* So now that Israel has rejected the UN vote on the wall, will we end up invading Israel?
* Motorists get creative to defeat traffic cameras.
* There's calls in Britain to eliminate knighthoods.
* Berlin tarts up the opera.
* Austin, Texas, embraces bats.

Be proud, Virginia. Turns out Warner was the senator who got the room for King Moon's coronation.

How Marvel Comics became "a Hollywood Superpower."
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