PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,


Trailers before Dodgeball:
* Stander - Undercover cop goes bad? That idea has *never* been done before!
* Racing Stripes - All my love of horse movies, combined with all my love of wisecracking talking animals. This is a two-bagger.

Trailers before Anchorman:
* Wimbledon - It's gonna take a lot of work to get me into a tennis-based romantic comedy. Paul Bettany and Sam Neill are a good start, but still.
* Mr. 3000 - OK, what's with the sports movies? Yeesh.
* Without a Paddle - Oh, Seth Green, have you fallen so far? I'm not sure Abraham Benrubi (you know, Jerry from E/R) can save this.
* Collateral - heh, new trailers already, guys? Sounds like the first one wasn't received too well. Here's a hint: this one won't be either.

Trailers before King Arthur:
* National Treasure still looks awful, AvP still looks bad but fun. But the prize was...
* Resident Evil: Apocalypse - OoooOooOoh.

Trailers before Harry Potter 3:
* Only new trailer was Benji Off the Leash! and let me tell you what a let-down that was.

And while I'm here, happy birthday summer_queen!
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