PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

catching up

Anne Applebaum looks behind the scenes of Congress and 'target lists.'

FINALLY, we arrest that dangerous fugitive: Bobby Fischer.

AOL, MSN and Yahoo to integrate messaging services.

* Los Alamos stops all research after sensitive data goes missing.
* BBC analysis: is Israel's Palestine strategy working?
* Post editorial on the secret prisoners, held by the CIA.
* Oh yeah, and while all that other news is chugging along, the "coalition of the willing" is falling apart.
* BBC analysis of the British side of the Iraqi intelligence failure. And looking at the differences between the US and UK intelligence reports.
* Post editorial on the dangers of executive powers of detention.
* Local: four arrested in the recent string of bank robberies. Let's hope they got the right people.
* I always forget that in Virginia it's legal to carry pistols in public.
* David Cole recounts his visit to The O'Reilly Factor. (Courtesy translucent_eye.)
* On his 100th birthday, the BBC looks at the impact of the playwright Chekov.

The bass player for the New York Dolls passed away.

The BBC presents a brief history of punk.

Courtesy JubJub: interview with They Might Be Giants. "MTV needs to climb out of their teeny-bop ghetto, dust themselves off and get back to the business of new wave."

Huh. New Line options rights to new Vampire game from White Wolf. (Courtesy Norton.)

South Africans fight crime by... staring.
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