PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I knew I was getting too complacent with the e-mail thing. Was working for a whole week or so! But, yeah, down now. Feh.

Hmmmm, now to try and do this post from memory (as my notes are on my shell account.)

Got the car to the shop yesterday, luckily repairs to the electrical system should "only" be about $500. Gah. But anyways, means I'm free tomorrow night or Thursday night, if anyone's looking to hang out. Including, possible, zhe Nations Gothicks Clubbe (as an option.)

It's a bebetastic week, as this week the daycarelady is on vacation. All bebe, all the time. We're all getting along fine, though, trying to keep her on the same schedule (admittedly, waking up a little later, but she still goes to bed around 8:30, which is the important part.)

Sunday, listened to two shows on NPR in the evening (not in the car or anything! SO WEIRD.) On the Media and Speaking of Faith. Worked out pretty well, may do it next week too. Though Zoe was well-fascinated by the stereo, and it took some prompting to get her back to playing with her toys.

After that, watched The 4400. USA Network, good job, you caught my interest in the first fifteen minutes, and held it for the whole two hours. Hits familiar topics without being derivative, and asides from the creepy kid, most of the characters are decent as well. If they rerun it, I'm so taping it. And the best part is: only five episodes. Zing! (Oh, and the best insult to injury? They steal the awesome song from Kingdom Hospital. DOUBLE ZING.)

Last night, though, in a morass of what to watch off InDemand, ended up watching Wrong Turn. Eliza Dushku, how could you treat me so bad? This is one of the worst movies I have seen in a while (and I'm including Joy Ride in that assessment.) Who knew the gaffer from The Doom Generation would turn out to be such a bad director. Terrible, pointless movie.

OK, more later, when I can get back to my account.
Tags: movies, not news, tv

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