PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Homeland Security is looking into options in case they decide they need to delay the November election.

Going for the throat: Kerry and Edwards accuse Bush of dishonesty.

* NYTimes analysis: Bush's policy on pre-emption is coming under deep scrutiny.
* analysis: as the reasons for the war fade away, the question of blame comes to the fore.
* Senate investigation shows how far the CIA went to skew the results of intelligence.
* And the panel report also describes how the sanctions against Iraq were very effective at reducing his military capability.
* Administration comes under fire at the international AIDS conference. Also, turns out Bush limited the number of scientists we sent this time. Maybe he's mad that Thompson was booed a couple years ago.
* You know, the military might have been able to avoid recalling retired soldiers if they hadn't discharged all those competent ones for being gay.
* The NRA may have stepped on the wrong toes - the toes of writers.
* Mel Gibson and Michael Moore are showing Hollywood what bold, uncompromising directors can accomplish when given the latitude they want.
* ABC bets big on their fall lineup.
* NBC exec slams Fox for copying reality show ideas.
* Goran Visnjic, scifi fan.
* Is Mario a Communist? (Courtesy Baldur.)

The BBC looks at a long list of historical intelligence failures.

Warren Ellis writes on Joss Whedon's writing style and more.

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