PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I *knew* I never should have said "I'll have enough money, unless I get car problems or something weird like that." So, yeah, I can ignore the weird acceleration problem, but I have to take it in to the shop anyways, because, well, the headlights aren't working. asdfla;sjfsda. I need those, man. If you've got good options for places to take my car that are equipped to check out electrical problems, please drop me a line.

Let's see. This afternoon was Heroclix tourney, sealed Ultimates. Three rounds, then the top two players face off for the final. And round three, Goblin and I were the only undefeated players. Wowzah! And I BEAT HIM. (If you don't know the situation, suffice it to say this is pretty monumental, since he is in fact the better player.) But then the finals came up, and it WAS ME AND HIM AGAIN. And then he beat me, *but still* it was so close. I'm pretty proud.

Oh, and yesterday was a matinee of Anchorman. It's going to get compared to Dodgeball a lot since they came out right around the same time, and have pretty much the same cast. Oh, and the same pacing problems. Otherwise, Anchorman is pretty funny, maybe a little funnier, and in fact dethrones Dodgeball for best cameos this year. And that's an uphill battle, There's this one scene, oh man, priceless. You know which one I mean. (No Tudyk, unfortunately.)

Hmmm. Still need to set up new icons.

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