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"In the summer of 2001, when much of the Republican and Democratic policy community was obsessed with missile defense, Edwards urged more attention to terrorism. The North Carolina senator had such limited luck pitching an OpEd article on terrorism to major newspapers that the piece, warning of poor cooperation among federal and local law enforcement, ended up in the weekly Littleton Observer, circulation 2,230 -- four weeks before the Sept. 11 attacks." article on Edwards' interesting ideas.

* Wait. How many planes have breached the DC no-fly zone? And how many hasn't the FAA identified?
* Conspiracy theory: is the capture of Osama bin Laden scheduled for the end of the month? (Courtesy, er, someone or other.)
* Cassini sends back some nice pics of Saturn's rings.
* European scientists plan a massive lab beneath the Alps.
* Sun storms race to the edge of the solar system.
* David Bowie pulls through emergency open-heart surgery.
* Hollywood just loves the 70's.

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