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Three of the four members of the Fantastic Four have been cast for 20th Century Fox's live-action movie.

According to Variety, Michael Chiklis has been cast as Ben Grimm/the Thing, Iaon Gruffudd as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic and Chris Evans as Johnny Storm/the Human Torch.

Jessica Alba, who is starring in Sin City, is the top candidate to play Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, according to Variety. Rachel MacAdams and Keri Russell are also candidates.

Gruffudd currently can be seen as Lancelot in King Arthur. He also starred in the short-lived CBS series Century Series and is providing the voice of Mister Miracle in Justice League Unlimited.

Chiklis is best known from the FX series The Shield. Evans will be seen in Cellular.

Production is expected to start under the direction of Tim Story in August in Vancouver for a July 1, 2005 release.

And while I have you here, here's a pic of Elektra's new costume.

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