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Gay couples file suit against Maryland's ban on same-sex marriage.

Homeland Security gets in trouble for suggesting Internet Explorer might not be that secure. (Courtesy Agent Dieter.)

Courtesy Operative X: Cheney Watch (specifically, the section halfway through labeled "Other Problems".) (I mean, it's all worth reading, the column always is.)(But still.)

World Opinion Roundup, waiting for the World Court to rule on the Israeli wall. also has a good interactive section on the wall.

* Right. "Credible" intelligence, but of course, no actual info.
* Colombian crisis is displacing millions.
* The AIDS epidemic grows at a faster rate worldwide.
* Howard Kurtz covers the media response to the Edwards pick.
* Local news: DC hits twenty-year low for homicide.
* Local news: PG county is #1!... in evictions.
* Man, why could they be having recruiting problems?
* Spider-man 2 breaks a number of records. It turns out, if you make a good movie, people will see it.
* OK, with a cast like that, even I might go see Spamalot.

If I missed anything, please drop it in comments below.

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