PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Afghanistan is the litmus test for NATO's new mission. If we fail in Afghanistan we might as well fold up and go home, because no one will take us seriously after that."
-a European ambassador in Washington

Good read: E. J. Dionne Jr. on the draft that's in place right now.

How Cheney is a mixed blessing for the Bush ticket.

* Report calls California's prison system 'dysfunctional.'
* Mystery: keyless entries into cars in local town just stop working.
* The images from Titan are both exciting and confusing.
* How Bravo turned itself around in just a year.
* It's official: documentaries *can* be profitable, and even big hits.
* Looking back at a feminist documentary from 1972.
* Whatever happened to the kids from Hoop Dreams?
* The Christian rock circuit is turning into big business.

Pelicans disappear from a breeding ground and create an environmental mystery.

Interview with the creator of get your war on. (Courtesy Dona Quixote.)

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