PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Grr. Administration policies sharply limit the Endangered Species Act.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Democratic party platform.

A new newspaper struggles to survive in Iran.

* Slowly and quietly, change takes hold in Iraq.
* So, where is all our reconstruction money going, anyways?
* A lack of trust on both sides breeds contempt in Iraq.
* Former occupation authority official sees no reduction in the capabilities of the "Saddamists."
* Every official source says they will not reinstate the draft. Yet, everyone is afraid they will reinstate the draft.
* Study finds the cost of the war unjustified.
* Experts call for revamping the system of the National Guard and Reserves.
* Good read: Maureen Dowd looks back to the 60's, and how that decade applies today.
* Report calls the growth of aviation a risk to the the planet.
* Is Singapore starting to loosen up?

Cassini probe sees clouds on Titan.

Japanese speed-eater smashes the hot-dog-eating record.

Estonia, I think I love you.

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