PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Let's see, catching up...

Thursday was a dinner for Norton, which after a bit of confusion ended up at Sullivan's. Was fun, got to see a couple dudes I have seen in years. Also, I got to sneak in a couple good puns, none of which I can remember now. But they were funny, I assure you. Friday was, as aforementioned, a second viewing of Riddick, as RQ wanted to see it, despite my glowing recommendation. *Still* can't decide if it's better or worse than Van Helsing. Yesterday morning, RQ's dad blew into town, passing through on the way to a fencing tournament or something like that; he leaves tomorrow morning.

This afternoon, Norton and Uzbekistan's Fourth of July cookout, followed by dinner with my parents and RQ's dad in Bowie. I will be stuffed like a pinata by the time today is over.

Been playing some City of Heroes, oddly enough. I like punching evil. Another big post on that is in the works. Oh, and last week sat down with Magistrate and another dude from our gaming group, and played the D&D miniatures game. It's pretty decent, I confess. The map tiles, I'm not a huge fan of, but they're workable.

Oh, and e-mail is working... well enough, again.

Next week: some new icons, no two ways about it.

Man. takes on a classic episode of Star Trek: Next Generation. And by classic I mean...

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