PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I'm well behind on new movie trailers I've seen, so let's get crackin'.

* Danny Deckchair - Could be cute, if nothing else good is out that week.
* The Motorcycle Diaries - Yes, book clubbers, based on the book. Trailer looked decent.
* Code 46 - Hmmm. Need to read/hear a lot more. *Could be* good scifi, could be annoying indy drama. Both the director and writer of 24 Hour Party People are on board, that's a plus.
* The Phantom of the Opera - Whoah, forgot they were working on that. Huge costume drama, so maybe. Then again, Joel Schumacher, so maybe not. And starring that guy from Dracula 2000 and Timeline! Hee hee.

* Facing Windows - Ehn, not my deal.
* The Corporation - Closer to my deal. Will wait to read reviews and see if it's too preachy.
* The Clearing - Huh, didn't know this was going to be an indy flick.
* The Door in the Floor - Dude, is that Mimi Rogers? Can she talk to the dolphins now?

* Anacondas - ahahahaha NO.
* National Treasure - Wow. I guess The DaVinci Code has made an impact on Hollywood. But this one is about the founding fathers! Whatever, guys. Why didn't they have "From the director of Cool Runnings and 3 Ninjas" in the trailer, I wonder?
* I, Robot - Ye-ah, still not very convincing, guys.
* The Aviator - Hey, remember when Scorsese made good movies? Instead of Gwen Stefani's acting debut? Impressive cast though.
* Christmas with the Kranks - It's like The Santa Clause of our generation. Or, actually, the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation of our generation. I'm glad Tim Allen is getting the Chevy Chase roles these days, because Chevy Chase deserves better. Unlike Tim Allen.

...And last night, went to see The Chronicles of Riddick a second time, because RQ wanted to see it, and I am very dumb. I note there were more people in the showing of Two Brothers in the theater before us. That's kind of embarrassing. If my last name was Diesel.

* During the 2wenty: Thunderbirds - Wow, can't we take up a collection so Ben Kingsley doesn't have to do these movies anymore? Note I didn't say anything about Jonathon Frakes or Bill Paxton. Really, looks like Spy Kids but without the, uh, good stuff.
* During the 2wenty: The 4400 - Yes, for TV, and USA Network at that, but it looked vaguely interesting. As long as it's not just a low-budget version of Taken.
* King Arthur - Oh, I'll be there sooner or later. But that's because I'm a big Stellan Skarsgard fan. Merlin might steal the show for me, however.
* Friday Night Lights - I liked this movie when it was called Any Given Sunday. As RQ put it: "I didn't see Orlando Jones in that trailer."

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