PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Will pop culture have an effect on the 2004 election?

LiveOnline transcript with Charles Lane, writer of the Supreme Court Roundup.

Good read: E. J. Dionne wonders how much room the President will have to work with next term, whoever it is.

Bill Cosby has more harsh words for the black community.

* Hussein hasn't revealed much to his interrogators, but what he has said may be surprising.
* Al Jazeera asks, is Al Zarqawi the new bogeyman?
* Good read: Bob Herbert talks about the tide of public perception of the war.
* NYTimes editorial has a thing or two to say about the Supreme Court's e-mail privacy ruling. And how.
* Nader backers give up on Arizona.
* Coyote attacks in the DC area on the rise.
* Paul Krugman describes Michael Moore's service to the public.

Hubble may have found up to 100 new planets. Zing!

Large-scale study of air quality launched.

Secret site in Utah contains remnants of civilization from a thousand years ago.

BBC presents ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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