01 July 2004 @ 10:43 pm
catching up  
Abortion foe reappointed to the FDA panel despite protests from many sides. (Courtesy Velvet.)

The Court limit the privacy of e-mail messages.

Jefferson Morley's World Opinion Wrapup has what the world is saying about the Iraqi transition. (Added bonus: LiveOnline transcript.)

Dan Froomkin has more on the Irish interviewer and other White House news of the day.

A conservative Republican reassesses the Clinton years, and you'd be surprised at the results.

* Bush criticizes our allies (without naming names, of course. Can't be passive-aggressive enough!) Which leads to the quote of the day: "Suppressing dissent only increases radicalism. The long-term stability of any government depends on being open to change and responsive to citizens."
* Judges oppose internet porn law, returning it to a lower court.
* Israeli court orders changes in the Palestinian wall. Sadly, the changes aren't 'tear it down.'
* Iraqis speak out against the hostage-takers.
* Harold Meyerson discusses our feel-good vice president.
* Seven years ago, Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule, and things haven't been going well since.
* Budget meltdown shows the division in the GOP between the moderates and the tax cutters.
* The Bush campaign targets churches and their congregations.
* Former Nixon speechwriter says we need the draft again.
* Cassini spacecraft passes through Saturn's rings unmolested.
* Publishers of Weird, NJ, soldier on.

Dean and Nader set to debate. Dude, I don't get it either.

Tractor man set free. Huzzah!

Hahahaha, Virginia, you crack me up.

"The Bush administration said Saudi Arabia needs to do more to help in the war on terror. Yeah, like fight on our side."
-Jay Leno