PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Spider-man 2: pretty dang good. Now in a tie with X2 for 'best comic book movie.'

I'm delighted, also, that this fine comic book movie is only so awesome because of the heavy amount of emotional drama. Really, such a fine blend.

The only way I could have improved it, really, would be more Doc Ock. OK, and more Snooty Usher, but still.

(In case you didn't know, the scene where Doc Ock breaks out of the operating room is pretty much a straight-up homage to Raimi's Evil Dead 2.)

(Oh, and Dr. Connors? Peter's teacher? Yeah, he's the Lizard. Oh and John Jameson, the astronaut? He becomes a werewolf. No, I'm serious. Raimi *loves* just putting these names in tiny parts to tease us comic book fans, like when Eddie Brock [aka, Venom] was mentioned in the first one.) (Did I mention Dr. Strange?)

I was wondering if it was possible to cram in more comic book industry people into the cameos, and man, they have done it.

And the final scene with Harry, brilliant. I didn't think they'd go there this movie, but oh they did, and now I'm ready for #3 Right Now. (And already theorizing!)

Sad to say for book club fans, but the only reason Chabon was listed as one of the story writers was because he wrote a first draft that went unused (that I *really* want to get info on, now.) And you probably recognized the other two writers as the guys who do Smallville.

More later, possibly. Suffice it to say, I am very happy with the movie.

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