PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Hmmm, well out of date here. Let's start slow.

Tonight was book club, always a treat. Bebe was, well, sort of behaved. She showed off her tantrums for our friends for a bit. Next month, we're reading The Last Unicorn.

Sunday's canasta disasta was big fun. For example, I learned to play canasta, which isn't as complex as it seemed at first. I meant to steal the cheat sheet that we were using during the game, listing all the point values for what, but ah well. And tasty grillin'! Got to see the Canadian-going crew before their big trip this week as well. All in all, a fine evening.

Thursday, tze clubbe was a treat as well. Birthday wishes were passed on, many people were seen and chatted with. The music was relatively good, but the conversation was better, and kept me from dancing as much as I usually do. Considering it didn't cost me that much either, it may have to repeat soon.

Aaaannnddd, the other big news is about RQ';s job, or current lack thereof. I will just redirect to her LiveJournal for the details. But hey, that's a little more free time now! Right, with the job searchin' and all.

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