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I will need a couple days to let Full Frontal sink in, and would appreciate if more people went and saw it, so we could discuss it. It's definitely an enjoyable show; Soderbergh is absolutely improving with age and experience. Probably my #2 or #3 movie of the summer.

I went to see it with Operative X and BadHand at Muvico, the best cinema on earth. But there was some crazy police stuff going on there last night. Jillian's was closed off for 'a private party,' but I don't know what kind of private party involved maybe a hundred cops, police helicopters in the air for hours, searching trucks on the road as they approach, and the freakin' bomb squad truck in the roped-off parking lot. Seriously, I would love to know what the heck was going on there tonight.

Saturday night, went to watch Velvet dance her crazy oriental dance-thing. Check out more details on her group here. The performance was awesome, highly recommended.

And I am done with overnights! Yay! Well, for now, and presuming no one calls in sick or anything. But, yeah, ones I know about, and stuff.

You should all be reading Lileks more, myself included. And this review of a 40K Codex edged closely to an interesting discussion on metaplots, a topic near and dear to my heart.

Sometimes, our government is just awesome. And with all this celestial news, thank God someone is paying attention out there.

In worse news, Eszterhas has throat cancer, Charlton Heston has something like Alzheimer's. Oh, and Zimbabwe is still in a hell of its own, but they have no oil, and we don't need to fight them for revenge for our dad the former president, so no one cares.

Fortune Cookie: "Others see you as a wise person."
Song Stuck In My Head: "You're So Vain" (As recorded by Carly Simon)
Quote: "I have suffered from being misunderstood, but I would have suffered a hell of a lot more if I had been understood." -Clarence Darrow

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