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The BBC's ten things we didn't know this time last week.
BONUS: Ten things we didn't know this time two weeks ago.
(And thanks to asimplelife for reminding me about these.)

Israeli soldiers put up photo exhibit showing the mistreatment of Palestinians by Israelis.

Yet *another* White House report has to be revised because it's numbers were too optimistic/just fucking wrong. Again, it's either incompetence or deception, and neither is a good option.

Can we expect more medically enhanced food in the future?

* Whatta shocker. Administration extends the immunity for prosecution of our troops in Iraq. I'm sure that's just what the Iraqis want.
* Howard Kurtz covers Wolfowitz calling journalists sissies. And the next day, Wolfowitz apologizes. Nice.
* So, if we're running our prisons torture-free these days, why not let in UN inspectors to prove it?
* The campaign against al-Sadr shows the evolution of new ground tactics.
* And while no one is looking, Afghani women register to vote.
* Documents show internal struggle over the torture/interrogation policy. Who knew which side Cheney would end up on?
* Bush remains wildly unpopular overseas, as recent Irish protests show.
* And speaking of, South Africans protest Bush's policies on AIDS. (Courtesy RQ.)
* Cheney energy documents remain sealed, but sent back to lower courts. Man, this Supreme Court isn't going out on any limbs.
* No more Iraqs? Not with this reasoning.
* Families of the soldiers killed in Iraq can now watch the remains' return.
* Ah, technology. What about a new 'liars club' network using cellphones for alibis?
* When is a moon more like a comet?
* Post explains why it dropped the F-word.

Bizarre new spacecraft being built, that may open the doors to a new level of astronomy.

KFC decides against opening up stores in... Tibet.

Jeopardy champion crosses the $500k mark. (I keep having Quiz Show flashbacks.)

Tanzania fights government corruption with... death curses.

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