PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

...and I can say Control Room is the second-best documentary I saw today. Heh. No, really, it was pretty damn good. A few pacing/editing issues, yes. But the material is top-notch. Got to see a *completely* different perspective on the whole Iraq war issue, and developed a respect for al Jazeera (when they started out, *no one* liked them, and they still take flak from all sides, but keep soldiering on because they see themselves as having a unique outsider's perspective on things in their world, and want more people to have diverse opinions.) Well worth seeing, but you can probably wait until it's on cable.

And, in a duplication of my warning from my earlier review, there are some very graphic violent images in here. However, they are very topical, and in fact one of the issues discussed in the film is why they choose to show such images to the world.

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