PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

RQ had the day off (more on that eventually,) so it became matinee day. And lo, let me remind you, I remain no fan of the new Columbia theater. It's crap.

Fahrenheit 9/11 is good. I mean, it's partisan propaganda, I am aware of that. Borders on conspiracy theory at times. But it's *very* well done, very well structured. Highly, highly recommended. I don't want to be that dork that says it's one of the most important films of the summer, but man, I'm right at the edge of that. And it's a really good movie in its own right. It *will* have ramifications down the road. Even if you've heard most of the stuff covered in there (and there's a lot covered) hearing it all at once is almost jarring.

Moore does some things very well. You barely see him on camera in this one. He lets the actual quotes and information speak for themselves. When he covers the World Trade Center attack, we never see the towers, only their effects on the people watching. The soundtrack is surprisingly good as well. There are of course things he could improve; I really didn't need to see Flint, Michigan yet again. But hey, work with what you know and all.

The show before ours sold out. If ours didn't, it was damn close, the place was packed. The two shows after ours, also sold out. Fingers are crossed.

Brief warning: there are a couple scenes of gore, from the battlefields of Iraq, and they are *very* graphic, made only worse because you know it's not special effects. Definitely earned them the R rating.

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