PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Robert Samuelson on the growth of media bias, and what it holds for the future of news.

Moon story goes mainstream, and the accusations start flying.

Today's most misleading headline: Largest ISPs Attack 'Zombies'

* Huge defense bill passes House with the $515 million for missile defense in tact.
* US won't seek immunity for its soldiers after all. Probably because it would never get passed.
* summary of the torture/interrogation documents that are being bandied about these days.
* Interesting. Democrats file legal charges against Nader in Arizona.
* AOL employee sells 92 million user names to a spammer.
* Odd security alert at UMCP campus.
* Courtesy Norton: they may have the pistol used to assassinate Archduke Ferdinand.
* What words do linguists consider the hardest to translate?
* Lollapalooza canceled due to poor sales. I didn't even know it was still going on.
* So, what exactly goes into a $15 martini? (IMHO, crazy pills.)

Post special on "the summer of Jaws."
And ooOooh. A reprint of the Washington Post's original review of Jaws.

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