PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I Heard It on NPR:
* Food stamps threatened by Medicare discounts. (Courtesy Magistrate.)
* Chilling details of an oceanic dead zone off the coast of Oregon in 2002.

Disgusting: law defending HMO's rights over patient's rights upheld.

So, what if no one felt threatened by gay marriage?

First private spaceflight a success.

* Post editorial replies to Rumsfeld's comments on the torture scandal.
* Bush's new judicial nominee? Been practicing law without a license for four years.
* Sebastian Mallaby on Congress ignoring the deficit.
* Iran cracking down on the water-pipe.
* Can SARS be transmitted by tears?
* Hee: NBC is collecting obscure trivia experts for the Olympics coverage.
* THIS JUST IN: foreigners eat gross things.

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