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A Child's ABCs of Terrorism (Courtesy asimplelife.)

Terry Jones, on Rumsfeld and torture. (*Also* courtesy asimplelife. She's that cool.)

Quick! Guess which party refused to back a proposal making war profiteering a crime.

I'll give you a hint: it's the same party that doesn't want to subpoena the Justice Department's memos on the torture scandal.

* Good NYTimes analysis of the 9/11 commission: "The Sept. 11 panel demonstrated the attacks were foreseen, and might have been prevented, had it not been for misjudgments, some within the White House."
* Courtesy Aztec, news followup on the FDA/Plan B fiasco.
* There's worse ideas: Kerry proposes a minimum wage hike.
* BBC analysis of Bush's faith on a tightrope.
* Justice Dept. worries
internet phone calls would be untappable. I'm of two minds on this.
* Data from the Stardust spacecraft reveals a surprisingly new view of comet composition.

NYTimes review of the new Salem's Lot (which starts this Sunday.)

UPDATE: Samurai defends German woods. (Courtesy Red Queen.)

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