PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

THIS JUST IN: turns out if you get internet and cable TV from the same company, and they have a *twelve-hour* outage, and you're home during the day and with the bebe for most of the evening, makes for some, uh, creativity. And no internet. Or TV. Le sigh.

Rewatched Matrix: Reloaded though, and really, better than I remembered.

But, I was able to meet up with Lemon Russ this afternoon, and after a rushed lunch we caught The Chronicles of Riddick. Which was 85% better than I expected. Which unfortunately leaves 10% to be as bad as I expected, and a ripe 5% to be *worse* than I expected. And my sights weren't set high for this one, people. I need a couple other people out there to see it, so I can make more jokes about it, because, man. I may need to see it again before it leaves theaters, but I might have to sneak in some booze to do it.

New trailers:
* Cellular - Ye-ah. I could have written this one. Heck, I could write it just after seeing the trailer once.
* Exorcist: The Beginning - well, hearing the 'tubular bells' in reverse was spooky. Unfortunately, I am betting that'll be the scariest thing in it.
* Aliens vs. Predator - Oh, so signed up for this.

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