PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Hmmm, need City of Heroes icon.

Up front, let me say, I love the game. Yes, it's like a lot of other MMORPGs. How-ev-er, the superhero theme is *right* up my alley. I have gone on about this before, so I will leave it at that. I will be bitching a lot about the game in this journal, because that's what the internet is *for,* but I bitch because I love. Just like in real life.

And let me just add, I had a karmic experience the other day, when I got the mission "clear out the warehouse full of Gang X." Because... I had just pulled a mission from someone else saying "kill/arrest ten members of Gang X." Oh happy day!

Now, back to the hating.

Well, last week I was all ready to explain how I hated the 5th Column and their asshole grenades. But luckily, I have a new target of spite: the Vahzilok. And not just because they do they not have the decency to pick and easy-to-spell name for their gang. No, and not because they kick my ass terribly much, though sometimes they do, the cheaty puking fly-ridden bastards. No, they are on top of my Hate List because *I can never find them to kill ten of them to impress some loser contact in the hopes that he introduces me to someone cooler.* Ferchrissakes, at least *try* to wander the streets now and then so us not-flying-yet types can freakin' *find* you.

And furthermore, what's up with this "arrest" bullshit? I don't *arrest* bad guys. Who are they kidding? I am either stabbing them with my poisonous spines, electrocuting them, or crushing them with my mighty fists. The beat cops can arrest them in the hospital. Is this Top Ten: the Video Game?* Do I get a badge?

Soon, I'll post up the characters I have on the servers I play (Virtue, Pinnacle, Justice.) I won't list *all* my characters, since I made A Whole Bunch because I *love* character generation. I'll just list the ones I've actually leveled to four or so. (i.e., the ones that might be vaguely useful eventually.)

* - Actually, it sort of is, which is sort of awesome.

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