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Evidence that Rumsfeld directly ordered a prisoner hidden from the Red Cross, violating international treaty.
Best line in the article: "Pentagon officials still insist Rumsfeld acted legally, but admit it all depends on how you interpret the law."

Well, duh: FTC says do-not-spam list won't work.

Well, duh, part 2: Bush admits there's problems with the new drug cards.

Voters are harder to reach as media outlets multiply.

Priests creatively outsource special intention prayers to India. (Courtesy Callico.)

* BBC examines the lack of fallout on the report stating there was no link between Hussein and Al Qaeda. Bonus: BBC Q&A on the 9/11 commission. Highly informative.
* Anne Applebaum connects the dots with the torture scandal.
* Israel also uses torture against its prisoners, and are refining their techniques.
* World Opinion Wrapup on the new wave of anti-Americanism.
* Well, who knew the Israeli-Arab beauty contest wouldn't work.
* House subcommittee restores anti-gang funding the White House wanted to drop.
* USDA rules batter-coated french fries are a "fresh vegetable."
* Local news: Bowie parents mad about their kids getting shipped to worse schools.
* Are Standards of Learning exams causing more students to drop out?
* Will being bilingual protect you from dementia?
* Fall prime time ad sales numbers are in, both NBC and CBS claim victory.
* Hollywood out in force for the NBA playoffs, but not always for the basketball.

The Swiss turn to voodoo to defeat Beckham.

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