PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Deadwood season finale:

I will admit, I was *damn* impressed with Sunday's episode. Everything clicked together so well.

Halfway through the show, I was cracking up over the fact that there were (at least) three people I expect Dan to have to kill overnight. He'd like need a day planner to get it all done.

I will miss the Reverend.

The only place I think something was left hanging was the Chinese situation. Maybe it's going to be a bigger plot in the future, or something, but it didn't feel very resolved.

And the scene where Bullock leaves the shop and goes to encounter Alma's father, and *the whole town* starts converging, because they can *sense* something huge is about to happen, wow.

I also never realized that Al has never met Alma. it only makes the show go up in my estimation, that there's so much stuff going on between all the characters.

I'm torn between who I want to get the Emmy, Al or the Doc.

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