PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Mail is still up the majority of the time. Some issues reaching my web pages.

Have I mentioned I've been sick for a week or so? Stupid daycare plague vector. Constantly running and stuffed up nose makes me look and feel so attractive, to go along with the occasionally sore throat and burning eyes. Feh. Well, bebe is over most of it, so fingers crossed.

THIS JUST IN: the Giant in Laurel now carries wasabi peas! MmmmMmm.

Let's see. Weekend. I think I left off with the magnificent party Saturday night, which was really a treat. Got to see a collection of people I haven't seen in too long, some in years. And made promises to catch up with a bunch of people soon, too. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, mostly convalescing, a little City of Heroes (big post on that soon.) Hit Ikea, picked up junk. Oh, and watched the season finale of Deadwood, which *also* deserves its own post. (Much like Al deserves the Emmy.)

Anyone else get random cravings for pineapple juice every now and then? Maybe it's just me.

Last night, rewatched The Animatrix. A couple of the episodes I didn't like the first time sat much better in a second viewing. Still problems with the art in places, but hey.

Plans for this week:
Frikkin' get healthy.
Everything else is negotiable.

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