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Here's a good test to see the bias of your news source. How are they describing the Pledge case being thrown out of the Supreme Court on a technicality? NBC was describing it as the Court defending the words, but it's not, really. They're just saying they don't want to deal with it. Any fan of Law & Order knows the difference. Anyways.

Huh. The new Iraqi government doesn't want to give contractors immunity. I wonder why.

DeLay to face ethics complaint in Congress. This could get messy.

Bush has returned us to the days of big government.

BBC analysis of the Saudi situation.

Is the death penalty assigned based on events that haven't happened?

* Opposition parties make big gains across the EU. Oddly enough, current leaders aren't happy about this.
* More experts and former officials attack Bush's foreign policy record.
* UN says the threat of floods is increasing worldwide.
* Israel keeps building their wall.
* Earth Liberation Front is stepping up their attacks.
* Bush stops blocking corporate tax bill. See also: wonder why. Post editorial also has something to say about it. (Though it doesn't use the word 'whoring' enough.)
* NYTimes Q&A with Thomas Friedman about his new book on outsourcing.
* Bush praises Clinton at portrait unveiling. See also: Dan Froomkin's wrapup.
* A different view of D-Day.
* Researchers investigate the brain's early warning systems.
* Are modern codes unbreakable?
* Moore doesn't want his new film to be rated R.
* Lesbian film causes uproar in India.
* OK, do we need an INXS reality show?

The inventor of the 'invisibility cloak' is moving on to work on x-ray vision.

Today's top headline: Crime, Punishment and Hip-Hop

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