PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I heard these five on NPR

All these are well worth listening to:

1.) Is Saudi Arabia primed for a revolution, to topple the U.S. friendly monarchy?
2.) How much should we worry about the shortage of oil tankers?
3.) The speech that made Lincoln president.
4.) "Senator, have you no decency? At long last, have you no sense of shame?"
5.) A discussion with the author of the new graphic novel It's a Bird...

The Stability of Saudi Oil...
"With oil prices reaching 21 year highs in recent weeks, we got some good news for you: prices are falling because OPEC has opened the taps. There's a lot of mideast oil available. But before anyone strikes up the band there are two urgent issues that could change everything. First: a hypothetical. What if the situation in oil-rich Saudi Arabia got really ugly... as in, a revolution toppling the U.S. friendly monarchy?"

...and Tanker Shortages
"One more hypothetical that's getting less hypothetical by the day. Sure, for the moment, there's oil to be had. And that's what helped drive prices down further today. But there's still the sticky problem of how you get the oil from there - to here. The world's running low on tankers to do the hauling."

The speech that made Lincoln president
Cooper Union speech is credited with winning over skeptics.
(Bonus: read by Sam Waterston!)

Marking Welch's Stand Against McCarthy
"Fifty years ago, a Massachusetts lawyer stood up to a U.S. senator and changed the nation's perception of him. The target was Wisconsin's Joseph McCarthy. The lawyer was Joseph Welch, who, after the anti-Communist McCarthy had revealed that a young lawyer working for Welch was a member of a suspect group, asked, 'Senator, have you no decency?'"

Comic Book Writer Steven Seagle
"Seagle has written for Superman and Uncanny X-Men as well as House of Secrets: Foundation, a supernatural court drama comic. He's teamed up with artist Teddy Kristiansen for the new graphic novel, It's a Bird... In this semi-autographical book Seagle deconstructs the classic Superman myth and reflects on power and powerlessness."

[Note: some of the articles have 'related links' for those of you who can't download said audio files.]

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