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Remember that report recently that explained how global terrorism was on the decline? Turns out that simply wasn't true. At all.

Ted Rall reminds people of the darker side of Reagan's legacy. Jim Hoagland touches on the airbrushing of Reagan's record as well.

Mmmmm, what about a Department of Nation-Building? Would that makes us, officially, an empire?

* Post editorial about the administration's legalization of torture.
* Ashcroft takes the heat on the Hill.
* Richard Cohen discusses the administration's theory of 'just a little torture.'
* Interrogators got access to patient's medical records, too.
* Interesting tactics: 'torture contractors' face class-action lawsuit. Using RICO.

* Asia is worried about higher fuel prices.
* The economy is up, but it isn't helping Bush's numbers.
* The gender gap in wages is bigger than we thought.
* The 'religious left' looks for more of a political voice.
* Three-kilometer core sample of the Antarctic ice reveals ancient secrets. Also includes: when to expect the next Ice Age.
* Also, the 'Gray Goo' doomsday scare loses some key support.
* BBC pics of the transit of Venus.
* Work continues on 'stealth submarines.'
* China finds unknown wild pandas.
* That dude from Midnight Oil wants to be MP of Australia.
* Harrods decides not to carry Hindu love goddess underwear.
* Stephen Notley has a good review of Prisoner of Azkaban.

"It is hard to know whether to laugh or cry when you hear President Bush comparing D-Day to the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the war on terrorism. If President Franklin Roosevelt had thrown the meager manpower resources into D-Day that George Bush threw into Iraq a year ago, France would be a German-speaking country today."
-Thomas Friedman

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