PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, Harry Potter is good. Pretty damn good, in fact. It was my favorite of the books (so far, haven't read #5 quite yet) and is by and far my favorite of the movies.

However, once again opening night is less of a treat. I figured, getting to the line for a movie an hour beforehand would be fine, especially since the show wasn't until 10:20. And lo, turns out there was *fifty* people or so before us. Which would have been acceptable, if more people didn't keep cutting in. I was ready to throw a fit, but I survived, and our seats weren't terrible.

Oh, and Muvico was out of soda. Yep, no carbonated beverages. WTF, mate? How does that happen?

Anyways, there was this movie. Here's some brief thoughts.

Wow, was a difference a good director makes. For the first time, I understand the freakin' layout of the castle. And man, all the new stuff added in worked *so* well (like the standing stones!) Just the setup and composition of the shots, the little details added in, all rolled into one awesome package.

The new Dumbledore was good. A little active, but that's OK. But why did they have a different cat for Miss Norriss? The old one was perfect casting! Was she too busy for this role? Anyways. Lupin could have been stronger. Black, though, was just right.

There were few plot changes I noticed, minor at best. Nothing that stuck out immediately. And man, I forgot how complex the time travel was.

Well, there was one: they never explained who made the map. Which would have gone toward establishing Harry's dad's partners in crime, and also explained why Lupin, you know, knew how to use the map.

But I also get the feeling the DVD will be featuring some cut scenes, yeah.

Mr. McKean? Great work on the Dementors. Serious-like.

Possibly more tomorrow, or I will just leave it in comments.
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